Unveiling the Reason behind the Galaxy S24 AI-enhanced Portrait Shots' Enhanced Naturalness

Unveiling the Reason behind the Galaxy S24 AI-enhanced Portrait Shots’ Enhanced Naturalness

Samsung has recently unveiled its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S24 series, which comes with several improvements compared to its predecessors. While the hardware remains the same, Samsung has made enhancements in various aspects such as screen brightness, battery durability, and camera quality. One notable improvement in the Galaxy S24 is its ability to capture portrait shots that look incredibly natural, thanks to improved AI algorithms.

Improved AI Algorithms for a More Natural Blur Effect

According to Samsung's engineers on a Community Forum website, the Galaxy S24 utilizes enhanced AI processing power to detect subjects and enhance the depth effect. The blur effect has also been upgraded, particularly for objects in front of the main subject. These enhancements combined result in images that resemble those captured by a DSLR camera.

Enhanced Portrait Video Capabilities

The improvements extend to portrait videos as well. The Galaxy S24 boasts an upgraded AI model, along with improved stabilization and zoom capabilities. In 2023, Samsung increased the resolution of portrait videos to 4K at a frame rate of 30fps. Additionally, the Galaxy S24 Ultra utilizes two cameras to measure the distance between the subject and the background, resulting in more natural blur effects. Furthermore, the smartphone supports greater zoom functionality while recording portrait videos, allowing for continuous zoom from 1x to 3x.

Galaxy S24 Series Lineup and Sales Predictions

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series consists of three models: the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. Industry experts predict that the Galaxy S24 lineup could surpass the pre-order performance of the Galaxy S23 from the previous year. By the end of 2024, total annual sales are projected to reach 36 million units. If these predictions hold true, the Galaxy S24 will become the first flagship model since the Galaxy S10 in 2019 to surpass the 30 million milestone.

In conclusion, Samsung's Galaxy S24 series introduces several improvements to its predecessors, particularly in terms of AI algorithms for a more natural blur effect in both photos and videos. With its enhanced capabilities and anticipated sales performance, the Galaxy S24 is poised to make a significant impact in the smartphone market.

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