Sonos Unveils Premium Ace Headphones: Sony & Bose Rivals

Sonos Unveils Premium Ace Headphones: Sony & Bose Rivals

Sonos is gearing up to introduce its inaugural wireless headphones, the Ace, aiming at the high-end market segment currently dominated by Sony, Apple, and Bose. Priced at an estimated $450, the Ace comes packed with top-notch features like active noise cancellation and transparency modes, putting it in direct competition with the top players in the industry.

Cutting-Edge Features

The Ace headphones provide users with lossless audio capabilities through Bluetooth and incorporate dynamic head tracking to enhance the spatial audio experience. Additionally, they are capable of delivering spatial audio for Dolby Atmos content when paired with a Sonos soundbar, offering a seamless TV audio passthrough experience. Similar to AirPods Max, the Ace is equipped with detachable magnetic ear cushions for convenient replacement, along with a sturdy metal build ensuring durability without compromising on a lightweight design for extended listening comfort. The headphones boast a battery life on par with Sony’s 1000XM5, lasting up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Integration and Connectivity

While the headphones excel in individual TV audio listening scenarios, questions linger regarding the depth of integration with Sonos’ comprehensive whole-home audio ecosystem. It remains uncertain whether the Ace will support Wi-Fi streaming or multi-room functionality. In terms of connectivity, the headphones offer both 3.5mm and USB-C wired options to cater to audiophiles seeking lossless audio experiences.

An official unveiling of the Ace is on the horizon, with expectations pointing towards a potential announcement in June. Sonos is anticipated to shed more light on the Ace and their upcoming hardware strategies during today’s second-quarter earnings call.

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