Snapdragon X Elite Demonstrates 49% Performance Boost

Snapdragon X Elite Demonstrates 49% Performance Boost

Last month, a Lenovo laptop featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processor made an unexpected appearance on Geekbench, but its performance results fell short of Qualcomm's claims for the chip.

Lenovo Laptop Revisited on Geekbench

Now, a different model of the Lenovo laptop, identified as 4810UV0100, has reappeared on Geekbench for testing, showing much more promising results this time.

The latest benchmark results on Geekbench 6 reveal a notable 49% performance boost compared to the previous testing session.

The newly tested Lenovo laptop, running on a "Balanced" power plan with the Snapdragon X Elite processor, achieved a single-core score of 2,427 and a multi-core score of 14,254. These scores mark a significant improvement from the earlier results of 1,628 and 11,392, respectively.

Factors Influencing Improved Performance

Various factors could be influencing this sudden performance surge of the System on Chip (SoC). It is possible that optimizations made by Geekbench 6 now better complement this particular chipset.

Moreover, enhancements in the laptop's cooling system could also be contributing to the overall improved performance. However, it is essential to acknowledge that Geekbench's brief testing duration may not fully reflect the sustained performance capabilities of the device.

One plausible reason for this notable leap in performance could be the optimization of software specifically tailored for the Snapdragon X Elite chipset in anticipation of its upcoming release.

Snapdragon X Elite Specifications and Future Testing

Qualcomm has stated that the Snapdragon X Elite processor will be available in power options ranging from 23W to 80W. Although the recent benchmark showed the laptop operating on a Balanced power plan, determining the exact Thermal Design Power (TDP) of the chipset remains challenging for now.

Furthermore, it seems that Lenovo is exploring multiple models utilizing the Snapdragon X Elite chip, as this is the second Lenovo laptop to surface on Geekbench featuring this new ARM processor.

Snapdragon X Elite Demonstrates 49% Performance Boost
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