Samsung Unveils 2024 Micro LED TV Range: Prices from 650K to 1.25M Yuan

Samsung Unveils 2024 Micro LED TV Range: Prices from 650K to 1.25M Yuan

Yesterday, Samsung unveiled its latest range of TVs - Micro LED, Neo QLED, and OLED - during a product launch event in China. This launch, much like others by Samsung, centered on AI technologies. The 2024 Micro LED lineup offers TVs in four sizes: 76/89/101/114 inches, with this year's new additions being the 76-inch and 114-inch variants.

Micro LED Panels Enhanced with AI Features

The TVs in this year's lineup boast Micro LED panels constructed from sapphire and inorganic self-luminous pixels. They incorporate "Micro contrast technology" to enhance sharpness by eliminating blurry boundaries, along with "Micro color" providing precision control with 65,536 levels.

Advanced Audio and Video Capabilities

These TVs feature OTS Pro audio and video tracking technology, supporting a built-in 6.2.2 channel setup with Dolby Atmos for a 3D full surround sound experience. The inclusion of a "Q Symphony" function enables synchronized sound between the TV and sound bars, powered by the "NQ8 AI Gen 3" processor for upscaling and AI enhancements.

Samsung's Focus on AI Integration

Samsung is looking to usher in an "AI Screen Era" with these innovations, offering features such as 8K AI Upscaling Pro and AI Motion Enhancer for an improved user experience. During the launch, the company emphasized creating a more intuitive and convenient device experience.

Choi Seung-sik, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China, highlighted the company's commitment to integrating AI across various connected technologies. He stated, "Samsung is integrating AI into our connected technologies, from Galaxy AI in mobile devices to disruptive display technologies and smart home appliances."


  • 76 inches: RMB 650,000 (~US$90,299)
  • 89 inches: RMB 750,000 (~US$104,191)
  • 101 inches: RMB 900,000 (~US$125,030)
  • 114 inches: RMB 1.25 million (~US$173,650)
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