Samsung Prepares for High-Performance Galaxy S25 Series

Samsung Prepares for High-Performance Galaxy S25 Series

Samsung is poised for a significant advancement in mobile chip technology as they approach mass production of their first high-performance chip using a state-of-the-art 3nm GAA (Gate-All-Around) process. This development signals a major progression for Samsung Foundry, promising faster and more efficient processors for future Galaxy devices.

Chip Enhancements and Collaboration

Initial projections indicate that these new chips could see a clock speed increase of 300MHz. The intricate chip, tailored for premium smartphones, encompasses a CPU, GPU, and various modules. Samsung partnered with Synopsys, leveraging their AI-powered design tools ( to enhance the chip's performance and efficiency. Early assessments indicate that these tools may have contributed to a potential 300MHz clock speed boost and a 10% reduction in power consumption.

Addressing Power Consumption Challenges

The innovative GAA design aims to tackle past challenges related to high power consumption observed in previous Samsung chips. While specific details remain limited, there is speculation that the chip might utilize Samsung's second-generation 3nm GAA process (SF3) to better address the intricate requirements of smartphone chips. This debut 3nm Exynos chip is anticipated to drive the next-generation Galaxy Watch 7 or Galaxy S25 series phones, with its mass production serving as a vital evaluation of the GAA design's efficacy in overcoming previous limitations.

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