Samsung Accidentally Reveals Galaxy Ring Features and Release Date

Samsung Accidentally Reveals Galaxy Ring Features and Release Date

Samsung has been developing its wearable Galaxy Ring for quite some time. Recently, the company has initiated a legal process aiming to obtain a declaratory judgment of non-infringement. Essentially, Samsung seeks legal confirmation that their Galaxy Ring does not infringe upon Oura’s patents. For those unaware, Oura is a Finnish company and a significant player in the wearable ring market.

Design and Production Timeline

On page 3 of the legal suit, Samsung stated that the design of the Galaxy Ring has been finalized, and the company expects to start mass production by mid-June this year. Additionally, the document specifies that the Galaxy Ring will be available in the US "in or around August of this year." This means that the much-anticipated Galaxy Ring is only two months away from its release. However, Samsung has not disclosed the other countries where it plans to launch the wearable ring.

Announcement and Release Expectations

It is anticipated that Samsung will announce the Galaxy Ring alongside the 6th generation foldables at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event, which is reportedly scheduled for July. Historically, Samsung has announced its foldable devices in July and released them in early August. Therefore, the legal suit aligns with rumors that Samsung will unveil the new wearable ring during the Galaxy Unpacked event.

Health-Tracking Capabilities

The document also sheds light on some of the health-tracking features of the Galaxy Ring. According to the document, "Building on its extensive investment in health and fitness tracking technology, including the Galaxy Watch and the Samsung Health app, the Galaxy Ring monitors heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen, movement, and sleep to provide users valuable insights and offer guidance to improve their health and wellbeing." The health tracking system will reportedly include an "Energy Score" based on the collected data.

Notably, Samsung might be keeping additional features under wraps until the Galaxy Unpacked event.

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