RoboUP T1200 Pro Robot Mower: Hassle-Free Lawn Care

RoboUP T1200 Pro Robot Mower: Hassle-Free Lawn Care

Robotics company RoboUP has introduced the T1200 Pro robot mower in Germany, with plans to extend availability to other EU nations in the near future. This latest model presents various enhancements compared to its predecessors, such as the T500P and T1000P. Notable improvements include expanded area coverage and upgraded RTK positioning capabilities. Moreover, the T1200 Pro provides round-the-clock service with its integrated LED lighting.

Enhanced Features of the RoboUP T1200 Pro

The RoboUP T1200 Pro is designed for lawns measuring up to 1,200 square meters. Equipped with a premium RTK positioning system, it offers enhanced precision alongside VSLAM technology found in the T1000P variant. Notably, users no longer need to install a physical boundary wire due to the robot mower's advanced navigation tools. The device autonomously generates a garden map, which can be manually adjusted through its companion app. Users can define up to 10 mowing zones and set up to 50 exclusion areas using the app. Additionally, the application facilitates scheduling and enables adjustments to the cutting height.

Innovative Technology and Functionalities

The T1200 Pro incorporates AI Smart Eye for obstacle detection and AI-driven route planning. It efficiently mows lawns in parallel lines, creating a visually appealing striped pattern. The robot also boasts an anti-theft alarm and LED lights that enable seamless operation during nighttime.

Pricing and Availability

The RoboUP T1200 Pro is currently accessible on Amazon for customers in Germany, and its availability in France is anticipated shortly, as the product is already listed. In Germany, the robot mower is priced at €1,799 ($1,921). However, the pricing for the French market remains undisclosed. It is uncertain whether the product will be introduced outside the EU in the future.

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