Redmi 13 5G & Poco M7 5G: Early Details Surface

Redmi 13 5G & Poco M7 5G: Early Details Surface

Recent leaks suggest that Xiaomi might forgoing global release for their next affordable Redmi 5G handset dubbed N19 or "breeze," according to reports by Android Headlines. Xiaomi may develop such device internally under codename "breeze."

Internal Codename and Launch Details

This smartphone will likely utilize Qualcomm's Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 processor. Although an international launch may occur, its initial debut may occur only within India without China as part of its scope of release.

Model Numbers and Market Availability Information

Redmi 13 5G models 2406ERN9CI, 2406ERN9CC and 24066PC95I indicate where this device can be purchased in various markets around the world. "RN" in these numbers stands for Redmi while "PC" stands for POCO brand.

Furthermore, model number "2406ERN9CI", ending in "I", could indicate its use on Indian markets whereas "2406ERN9CC", with its ending of "C", might point towards its presence on Chinese shelves.

Branding Strategies and Launch Timelines

Preliminary speculation surrounding the Redmi 13 5G's model number "PC" suggests it might be sold under POCO brand in India as Poco M7 5G; reports indicate its initial launch may take place first in China before expanding across to India later on.

Software Updates

Xiaomi is actively creating HyperOS for Redmi 13 5G phones running Android 14.x using build OS1.0.1.0.UNWCNXM as their OS platform.

Information regarding both the Redmi 13 5G and Poco M7 5G remains limited at this point; please stay tuned for any further updates as they become available.

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