Pixel 9 May Launch with Exclusive "Creative Assistant"

Pixel 9 May Launch with Exclusive “Creative Assistant”

Android 15 Beta 3 may have unveiled a new app under development for Google’s Pixel series: Creative Assistant. Unearthed by Mishaal Rahman from Android Authority, the app’s package name, com.google.android.apps.pixel.creativeassistant, suggests it could be a feature unique to Pixel devices.

According to the findings, Creative Assistant is an innovative tool that employs AI to produce stickers and potentially emojis, akin to Apple’s recently introduced Genmoji.

The app itself isn’t accessible in the new Android Beta, but references to it were found within the Markup app included in the Beta. For those who might not know, Markup is an application for editing screenshots and adding annotations in apps such as Google Photos.

Features and Integration

The code in the Markup app indicates a “remix” button connected to Creative Assistant, enabling users to create AI-generated stickers and incorporate them into images, as per Mishaal’s analysis.

There’s a possibility that the Creative Assistant feature may operate on-device rather than relying on cloud processing. The anticipated Tensor G4 chip in the Pixel 9, along with Google’s efficient AI model Gemini Nano, could manage sticker generation, given their smaller data size compared to full images.

Comparison with Existing Tools

The feature seems reminiscent of Google’s current AI-driven creative tools. For instance, Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen lets users merge existing emojis to craft new ones, while Creative Assistant will leverage Generative AI to enable the creation of entirely new emojis.

However, it remains uncertain if it can rival the versatility of Apple’s Genmoji, which allows users to design personalized emojis directly within their messaging applications.

Future Availability

More details are needed to compare Creative Assistant with Genmoji and assess its accessibility. Will it be a Pixel-exclusive feature, or will it eventually be rolled out to a broader Android audience? The complete details are yet to be disclosed.

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