Oppo Launches Free Shared Power Bank Service for Chinese Users

Oppo Launches Free Shared Power Bank Service for Chinese Users

Shared power banks have become very popular in China, allowing users to charge their smart devices at a low cost. This service is widely available in cities and towns across the country. Oppo has taken a step forward by introducing a free Super Flash Charge membership for Oppo and OnePlus device owners. This membership allows users to charge their devices using a 33W fast-charging battery pack from nearby Oppo Stores.

Oppo Super Flash Charge Membership

Under the Oppo Super Flash Charge Membership, Oppo and OnePlus device owners in China can enjoy free charging services using shared power banks from Oppo Stores. The power bank provided has a capacity of 8000 mAh and supports 33W fast charging technology. The free membership plan offers 300 minutes of free charging per month. Other users can also charge their devices at a cost of 1 yuan for every 30 minutes.

Claiming the Service

To access the service for free, users need to claim it through the Oppo Shop online website or the WeChat app. The process requires the WeChat app to successfully rent the power bank. Users can rent a power bank multiple times for free as long as they have remaining minutes within their 300-minute limit. Oppo retail stores can be easily located to avail of the service during working hours.

Partnership with Pisen

Oppo has partnered with the well-known public shared power bank company, Pisen, to offer this service to users across China. The service can be obtained from Oppo retail stores. Pisen recently introduced the Pisen P1 TWS earbuds, which feature a design similar to Apple AirPods.

Oppo Reno 115 FG Smartphone

In other news, Oppo has recently launched the Oppo Reno 115 FG smartphone. This smartphone features a 120Hz OLED display and a triple rear camera setup with a 64MP main camera. It also comes with a rated chassis.

Oppo Launches Free Shared Power Bank Service for Chinese Users
Image source: Oppo
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