OnePlus 13 Mockup: Company Design Backward Trend

OnePlus 13 Mockup: Company Design Backward Trend

OnePlus is anticipated to unveil its upcoming flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 13, later this year. Speculation has been circulating about a fresh design for the device, although specific details have been scarce up to this point.

Design Changes Unveiled

Today marks a turning point as a mockup render of the OnePlus 13 has appeared on Weibo, revealing alterations to the design, particularly at the back.

OnePlus has traditionally favored a circular and hinge-style camera setup for its premium phones. However, the leaked renders indicate a departure from this norm, showcasing the OnePlus 13 with a rectangular camera island on its rear.

Notable Design Shifts

While the new design deviates from its predecessor, some observers have drawn parallels to the 2022 OnePlus 10 Pro. The primary distinction lies in the fact that the camera module of the OnePlus 13 does not seamlessly integrate with the metal frame, resulting in a slight elevation.

Camera Setup and Features

The rectangular module on the OnePlus 13 accommodates a triple-camera system along with a ring-shaped LED light. Positioned at the center of the island is a Hasselblad logo, adding a touch of branding to the device.

On the right side of the phone, familiar placements of the power and volume buttons are evident, while the left frame likely hosts the signature OnePlus alert slider.

It's essential to bear in mind that the render is merely a speculative representation, and the final design of the OnePlus 13 could differ significantly. Therefore, it is advisable to approach this leak with caution.

Expected Specifications

In terms of specifications, rumors suggest that the smartphone will feature a 6.8-inch OLED LTPO display with a 2K resolution, possibly incorporating an in-display fingerprint scanner. Powering the device is expected to be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset.

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