Modern Kitchens Upgrade: Haier Vogue Series Refrigerators

Modern Kitchens Upgrade: Haier Vogue Series Refrigerators

Haier Appliances India recently unveiled their Vogue Series refrigerators, boasting vibrant glass doors and functionalities tailored for contemporary kitchens. This collection offers both two and three door convertible variants as well as top and bottom mounted refrigerator options.

Innovative Features Of the Vogue Series

One key innovation found within the Vogue lineup is its convertible feature, enabling users to expand fridge capacity by switching freezer compartments over. Furthermore, Magic Convertible Zone facilitates temperature variations depending on what items are stored inside while prolonging freshness for food items stored therein.

These cutting-edge refrigerators from Haier have been engineered for energy efficiency and quiet operation by employing Triple Inverter Technology and Dual Fan Technology, along with intelligent display panels for swift temperature adjustments, as well as having the 'Connect Home Inverter' functionality for when power outages occur, helping ensure freshness is preserved during food preservation.

Haier Vogue Refrigerators Are Engineered for Superior Cooling and Freshness With Deo Fresh Technology built-in to its Vogue refrigerators, these models feature extended cooling and freshness for fruits and vegetables up to 21 days post harvest by way of comprehensive cooling and odor elimination systems. Haier provides both 10-year compressor warranty as well as 2-year refrigerator warranties on these appliances.

Pricing & Availability

The Haier Vogue series is currently accessible for purchase in India through Haier’s official physical and online stores. Prices commence at:

  • Bottom-mount range: Rs. 51,890
  • Top-mount range: Rs. 58,990
  • 2-door convertible side-by-side: Rs. 1,24,490
  • 3-door convertible side-by-side: Rs. 1,51,290

These high-end refrigerators feature elegant glass exteriors in various color choices such as Black White, Grey Onyx, Black Yellow, Cream Pink, Yellow Grey, Peach Nyanza, Parrot Green, Russet Grey, Rose Blue, and more.

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