Lenovo Launches Moto Buds and Buds+ in China, Pre-Sale

Lenovo Launches Moto Buds and Buds+ in China, Pre-Sale

Previously, Motorola introduced the Moto Buds and Moto Buds+ internationally. Now, reports indicate that Lenovo is launching these same two wireless headphone models in China. For more details, you can check our earlier coverage of these wireless earphones.

Enhanced Features in Moto Buds+

The Moto Buds+ distinguish themselves from the standard Moto Buds by offering Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Both models come equipped with 12.4mm dynamic coils and have a long-press button feature to activate the Lenovo Xiaotian AI Assistant. The color options also vary, with the Moto Buds available in starry night blue and coral orange, while the Moto Buds+ come in dark green and misty gray.

Battery Life and Pricing

The primary differences between the two models lie in their noise reduction capabilities and other features. The Moto Buds offer a base battery life of 9 hours and support fast charging. In contrast, the Moto Buds+ provide ANC up to 50db, are compatible with Dolby Atmos sound effects on Motorola phones, and include multiple audio modes along with Dolby head tracking. Due to these additional features, the Moto Buds+ have a slightly shorter battery life of 8 hours and are priced higher at 599 yuan, compared to the Moto Buds at 299 yuan.

Both models began their pre-sale phase on May 16th and will be available for purchase starting May 24th.

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