January 18 event in China to showcase Huawei's HarmonyOS ecosystem

January 18 event in China to showcase Huawei’s HarmonyOS ecosystem

Huawei to Host HarmonyOS Ecosystem Event in China

Huawei has announced that it will be hosting an event called the “Hongmeng Eco Thousand Sails Sailing Ceremony” on January 18 in China. While there has been speculation about the unveiling of a new HarmonyOS version called “NEXT”, the focus of this event will be on future innovation strategies and the progress of native app development for HarmonyOS.

Huawei’s Vision for HarmonyOS

Rather than launching a new operating system, Huawei aims to use this event as an opportunity to connect with potential partners and explore business opportunities that will ultimately benefit users. The event will provide attendees and online viewers with the chance to interact with key executives, ask questions, and gain insights into the future of HarmonyOS.

Showcasing the HarmonyOS Ecosystem

In addition to discussions about future innovation, the event will also offer a hands-on experience with the existing HarmonyOS ecosystem. Huawei intends to showcase the advancements made in native app development for HarmonyOS, highlighting the potential and capabilities of the ecosystem.

Wider Accessibility

To ensure a wider reach, the event will be held in eight major cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xiamen, Wuhan, and Changsha. This will allow a larger audience to attend and participate in the event. Registration for the event is simple and can be done through the provided link.

HarmonyOS NEXT and Native Applications

While HarmonyOS NEXT is not expected to be released until the first half of 2024, major Chinese companies have already started developing native applications for the upcoming version. Companies such as iQiyi, Alipay, Meituan, MiHoYo, Bilibili, and Amap have joined forces with Huawei and are actively working on developing native apps for HarmonyOS NEXT.

Growing HarmonyOS Ecosystem

Wu Hao, the CEO of Huawei Interactive Media Corps and President of Huawei Terminal Cloud Service Interactive Media BU, revealed last month that over 700 million devices are now part of the Hongmeng Ecosystem. Huawei has been actively collaborating with partners in various sectors, including gaming, social media, travel, business, and hospitality, to develop native applications for Hongmeng in 18 different fields.

HarmonyOS vs. iOS

According to a recent report by TechInsights, it is predicted that Huawei’s HarmonyOS will surpass Apple’s iOS to become the second most popular smartphone operating system in China by 2024. This forecast highlights the growing influence and potential of HarmonyOS in the Chinese market.

As Huawei prepares to host the HarmonyOS ecosystem event, the anticipation among tech enthusiasts and industry experts continues to build. The event promises to shed light on the future of HarmonyOS and the exciting developments taking place within its ecosystem.

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