IROCK introduces the NA 87 wired mechanical keyboard in China for 99 yuan ($14)

IROCK introduces the NA 87 wired mechanical keyboard in China for 99 yuan ($14)

IROCK has recently introduced the NA 87 wired mechanical keyboard in the Chinese market. The keyboard is currently available for pre-order on at a discounted price of 99 yuan ($14).

IROCK NA 87 Specifications:

The NA 87 keyboard features an 87-key layout and is equipped with newly developed V4 switches. These switches are known for their extended axis design, providing users with a smoother and more comfortable typing experience.

Dual Tactile Feedback System

The NA 87 keyboard offers a dual tactile feedback system, allowing users to adjust the keycaps for a firm or soft tactile feel. Additionally, the keyboard includes anti-slip foot pads and a metal branding plate, ensuring stability and durability. The keys have an operating force of 42±10gf, an actuation force of 47±10gf, and key travel distances measuring 2.0±0.4mm to actuation and 3.5±0.4mm in total.

Comprehensive Noise Reduction Features

This keyboard boasts comprehensive noise reduction features, including three layers of padding. These layers consist of an 8x foaming IXPE switch mat, a PET sound optimization pad, and noise-reducing bottom cotton. Together, these features significantly reduce sound resonance.

Full-Key Rollover and Hot-Swappable Switches

The NA 87 supports full-key rollover and hot-swappable switches. It is compatible with 99% of 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches, allowing users to personalize their tactile feedback by replacing the switches.

RGB Lighting System and Innovative Asat Structure

Adding to its appeal, the NA 87 features an RGB lighting system and an innovative Asat structure. The structure includes a chessboard-like closed single-key position structure for concentrated sound optimization. Additionally, it has a three-dimensional inner structure designed to reduce sound resonance by 50%. The keyboard's open acoustic cavity design aims to enhance the sound quality of typing.

Legendspeed Transmission Technology and USB-C Connection

The mechanical keyboard utilizes Legendspeed transmission technology for ultra-low latency, with a response time of less than 5ms. It also features a USB-C connection. The keyboard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The NA 87 keyboard has dimensions of approximately 361 x 133.2 x 43.5 mm and weighs around 700g, providing users with a compact and lightweight design.

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