iOS 18: Notification Summaries & AI Photo Editing Report

iOS 18: Notification Summaries & AI Photo Editing Report

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is scheduled for June 10. As expected, the tech giant from Cupertino will unveil the next-generation software for its products, including iPhones and iPads. The primary highlight of the event is anticipated to be iOS 18, which is rumored to incorporate AI features. In his latest update, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has shed light on the AI functionalities that the new operating system might introduce for iPhones.

iOS 18 to Feature On-Device AI Capabilities

According to Gurman’s newsletter, iOS 18 will include a notification summarization tool that can condense notifications, news articles, and transcribe voice memos. Siri is also expected to receive enhancements for a more conversational tone. As a result, the upcoming software version will emphasize proactive intelligence to assist users in their daily lives. Additionally, the report suggests that Apple might introduce AI-based photo editing tools and improvements to the Calendar app.

Gurman further notes that Apple will rely on on-device processing for these AI features. The company is also contemplating offering AI services via the cloud, supported by Apple silicon chips in its data centers. However, the tech giant will not be announcing its proprietary chatbot at this time, as it is currently behind in the Gen AI space. Gurman hints that Apple could reveal a partnership with OpenAI at the WWDC, with the possibility of launching a deeply integrated chatbot later on.

Potential Partnership with Google for Gemini AI

Apple has also been in discussions with Google regarding the integration of Gemini AI into iOS 18, although no agreement has been finalized yet. Nonetheless, the company is poised to make its entry into the AI arena in the coming weeks. In addition to today’s report on AI features, previous reports indicated that iOS 18 might revamp some native apps and introduce changes to the home screen.

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