Huawei Watch D Receives HarmonyOS Update

Huawei Watch D Receives HarmonyOS Update

Back in December 2021, the Huawei Watch D was unveiled in China, featuring capabilities to monitor blood pressure and ECG. Speculation has circulated about a potential successor to the Watch D, although Huawei has not confirmed anything officially.

New Software Update for Huawei Watch D

A recent software update (HarmonyOS has been released for the Watch D, introducing fresh features and optimization improvements. Below is a summary of the changes included in this update:

Huawei Watch D HarmonyOS Changelog:

New Features

  • Introduces a new Sleep Mode: Disables raise-to-wake functionality.
  • Long-press app icons in the quick access menu to open the respective app.
  • Alarm clock feature can now intelligently skip weekends and holidays.
  • Addition of a new 'Show notification when screen is on' toggle under Settings > Notifications, illuminating the watch upon notification receipt.


  • Do Not Disturb mode: Raise-to-wake function restored to normal operation.
  • Alarm clock function has been optimized allowing users to set up to 10 alarms.
  • Improved organization for the 'Show notifications only when watch is worn' toggle, now located under Settings > Notifications for enhanced user experience.
  • Enhanced content display on various screens.
  • System stability enhancements in specific scenarios.

This update is presently accessible only in China. However, given the widespread availability of the Huawei Watch D in global markets, a comparable update for international variants can be anticipated soon.

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