Huawei Unveils New Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Patent Online

Huawei Unveils New Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor Patent Online

Huawei has recently disclosed a patent for an innovative "ultrasonic fingerprint" sensor, signaling a potential shift towards creating their own ultrasonic fingerprint technology. This move is significant as many phone manufacturers currently rely on solutions from Goodix, which are constrained by Qualcomm's patents.

Samsung's Influence on Ultrasonic Fingerprint Technology

Samsung's Galaxy S10 stood out as the pioneer flagship smartphone to introduce the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, setting a precedent in the industry.

Patent Details and Technological Advancements

The patent, officially titled "Ultrasonic fingerprint recognition module, system, and electronic device" (CN117058725A), outlines a sensor design that boasts enhanced fingerprint identification accuracy. This patent reflects Huawei's commitment to advancing fingerprint recognition technology.

Huawei's Innovative Approach

Currently, ultrasonic fingerprint sensors are predominantly featured in select high-end phones, particularly Samsung's premium S-series smartphones. However, these technologies face limitations due to Qualcomm's patent control. Huawei's new patent signifies a strategic move towards developing an alternative ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology. By doing so, Huawei aims to reduce their reliance on external patents.

Technical Breakdown and Operational Efficiency

The patent intricately describes the sensor's construction, highlighting components like a stacked common electrode, a piezoelectric layer, and an array of pixel electrode units. These technical aspects delineate how the sensor functions in both transmission and reception modes, ensuring superior fingerprint data capture accuracy.

Conclusion: Huawei's Future Direction

Despite the complexity of the technical specifications, the essence of Huawei's new patent lies in their aspiration to cultivate their ultrasonic fingerprint technology. This strategic initiative hints at a future where Huawei will rely less on external solutions and pave the way for their innovative fingerprint recognition systems.

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