Honor Launches AI Eye Protection and Deepfake Detection

Honor Launches AI Eye Protection and Deepfake Detection

Honor has showcased its advancements in on-device AI at MWC Shanghai 2024, with a focus on user empowerment and safety. The company introduced two AI features: AI Defocus Eye Protection and AI Deepfake Detection.

With the rise of nearsightedness due to prolonged screen time, Honor’s AI Defocus Eye Protection offers a unique solution. By simulating defocus glasses on the device’s display, this technology induces controlled defocus in peripheral vision, slowing down the eye elongation process linked to myopia. Early tests indicate an average 13-degree reduction in transient myopia after 25 minutes of reading, with some users experiencing up to 75 degrees reduction.

AI Deepfake Detection

On the other hand, Honor’s AI Deepfake Detection tackles the growing threat of manipulated content and online scams. The on-device feature scrutinizes factors like eye contact, lighting consistency, image clarity, and video playback for inconsistencies often undetectable by the human eye.

This AI is trained on a vast dataset of videos and images associated with online scams. This allows it to identify, screen, and compare content in a mere three seconds! If synthetic or altered content is detected, a user receives an immediate risk warning, safeguarding them from potential scams.

Commitment to On-Device AI

Honor emphasizes its commitment to on-device AI, believing it to be the key to delivering personalized services while safeguarding user privacy. Unlike cloud-based AI, which relies on remote servers, on-device AI processes data directly on the smartphone, ensuring greater control and security for users.

Honor’s CEO George Zhao envisions a future where on-device AI empowers users, seamlessly integrating into their lives and enhancing their capabilities. With AI Defocus Eye Protection and AI Deepfake Detection, Honor is taking significant steps towards this vision, demonstrating the transformative potential of human-centric AI.

Honor Launches AI Eye Protection and Deepfake Detection
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