Honor 90, X9b Receives February 2024 Security Patch in India; Android 14 Update Pending

Honor 90, X9b Receives February 2024 Security Patch in India; Android 14 Update Pending

Honor has initiated the rollout of the February 2024 security patch for its Honor 90 and X9b smartphones in the Indian market. Madhav Seth, the CEO of the company, made the announcement regarding this update on Twitter.

Update Details

Seth shared a snapshot showcasing specifics of the update, such as the firmware version ( and its size (162MB). However, he did not specify which of the devices the update was specifically meant for.

Security Patch Information

As a security patch, the update is expected to be relatively compact for both devices and is unlikely to bring about significant changes in terms of user interface or introduce new features.

Update Process

Although the update is not anticipated to erase user data, it is recommended to back up your data as a precautionary measure before proceeding with the update. To install the update on your Honor smartphone, navigate to Settings > System and Updates > Software Update > Check for Updates.

Android Version Update

While the Honor 90 and Honor X9b initially came with Android 13, Honor has yet to release the Android 14 update for these models. In contrast, Samsung has already rolled out the Android 14 update for the majority of its eligible devices.

Future Android 14 Update

According to Seth's statement to The Mobile Indian, the Honor 90 and Honor X9b are anticipated to receive the Android 14-based Magic OS 8.0 update in the second quarter of 2024. Despite this, these Honor devices are not expected to receive the major OS update this month, in March.


With the Android 15 Developer Preview already available and Honor lagging behind in releasing Android 14 for a few of its phones in India, it is imperative for Honor to expedite the provision of OS updates for its smartphones to ensure user satisfaction and keep pace with the rapidly evolving Android ecosystem.

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