Geely Dragon Edition for Galaxy E8 EV Revealed

Geely Dragon Edition for Galaxy E8 EV Revealed

Geely recently introduced its Galaxy E8 electric vehicle's Dragon Edition, expanding color choices to include Xizi Blue, Smoke Gray and Daybreak Black. A base model priced at 165,800 Yuan was also added omitting features like heat pump air conditioning compared to previous base models.

New Color Options and Pricing Structure Announced

The Dragon Edition offers two variants for customers to select: two-wheel drive with 550km range and four-wheel drive with 620km. Two-wheel drive starts from 165,800 yuan while four-wheel drive starts at 215,800 yuan allowing more choices based on customer preferences and budget constraints.

Geely Provides Diverse Galaxy E8 Models

Beyond its Dragon Edition, Geely has designed various Galaxy E8 models to meet various customer requirements and budget constraints. Their lineup features Longteng PRO MAX Starship voyage Starship smart driving Starship performance versions to choose from; each tailored specifically towards meeting unique requirements at various price points.

Impressive Features And Performance

The Galaxy E8, unveiled in January, features an eye-catching "Ripples of Light" grille and spacious interior featuring an unbounded 45" 8K large screen. Equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8295 chip for superior performance, its intelligent cockpit system includes two-way satellite communication via an exclusive companion drone.

The electric car offers three powertrain options and different battery capacities to deliver cruising ranges between 550km, 665km or 620km depending on its configuration. Boasting high performance capabilities - top speed of 210 km/h and acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in 3.49 seconds - Galaxy E8 promises an engaging driving experience.

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