Galaxy S23 Ultra Touch Screen Issue Post OneUI 6.1 Update

Galaxy S23 Ultra Touch Screen Issue Post OneUI 6.1 Update

Samsung initiated the rollout of the OneUI 6.1 update for the Galaxy S23 series on March 28. Following this update, a number of users have experienced touch functionality issues on their devices. Interestingly, despite this problem, the S Pen continues to function properly, allowing users to operate their phones.

Touch Problem on Galaxy S23 Ultra with OneUI 6.1

Numerous Galaxy S23 Ultra owners have expressed their concerns on Samsung's official community forums regarding touch-related problems. These users have highlighted that these issues began surfacing immediately after installing the update.

Varied User Experiences

It is important to note that not all devices are encountering the same touch-related issues. While some units exhibit a lack of responsiveness to certain touches, others are not registering touch inputs at all.

Some users have shared their experiences on different platforms, such as Reddit, indicating specific problems. For instance, one user mentioned that post OneUI 6.1 update, their Galaxy S23 Ultra responds to touch inputs, except for the initial one while swiping on the lock screen. In contrast, another user mentioned a complete unresponsiveness of their device to touch, seeking guidance on how to resolve this issue, particularly when the S Pen remains functional.

Widespread Reports and Potential Causes

Several users have voiced similar concerns about their S23 Ultra devices failing to respond to touch inputs while the S Pen continues to work as intended. Despite attempts to resolve the issue by restarting the phone, the problem persists. Additionally, there have been reports of issues with the under-display fingerprint sensor.

The exact percentage of affected devices remains unknown; however, the growing number of reports suggests a significant problem that cannot be overlooked by users. Some individuals experiencing these touch-related issues have noted that they previously replaced the screen with a non-Samsung component, indicating potential compatibility issues with third-party equipment.

Implications and Future Developments

As the situation unfolds, it raises questions about whether these problems are a result of hastily developed software updates or intentional measures by Samsung to restrict third-party components. The issue with the OneUI 6.1 update on the S23 series may signify a deliberate strategy rather than an unintended consequence of rushed development.

The resolution of these touch-related issues remains pending, awaiting an official response from Samsung. Further updates will be provided as new developments arise.

Galaxy S23 Ultra Touch Screen Issue Post OneUI 6.1 Update
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