Exploring a Moon-based Mission Abandoned in a Call of Duty Game

Exploring a Moon-based Mission Abandoned in a Call of Duty Game

A Glimpse into a Lost Call of Duty Game: NX1

Imagine a world where the Call of Duty series took a sharp turn into futuristic warfare, way before it actually did. This weekend, we caught a rare glimpse of that alternate reality through leaked gameplay footage of a canceled Call of Duty game, codenamed NX1, developed by the former Guitar Hero studio, Neversoft.

Unveiling a Moon-Based Mission

The footage, which exploded on Twitter, unveiled a moon-based mission from what was reportedly titled “Call of Duty: Future Warfare.” The low gravity conditions and explosive action promised a gameplay experience unlike anything in the existing Call of Duty lineup. The clip, posted by @mangafigurines, has already gotten the attention of over 5.5 million viewers, revealing a path not taken in the series.

Insights from Brian Bright

Brian Bright, the game’s multiplayer lead at Neversoft, shed light on the footage. Following the departure of Infinity Ward’s co-founders and their subsequent formation of Respawn Entertainment, Neversoft shifted gears from Guitar Hero to attempt their own futuristic Call of Duty. Bright’s insights reveal a team experimenting with new ideas and learning to use the game engine in novel ways.

A Lost Project with Potential

NX1 wasn’t just a fleeting idea. Neversoft had several campaign missions and multiplayer components in the works. The cancellation of this project left many wondering what could have been. A follow-up tweet by @mangafigurines offered an extended look into this lost project with a 10-minute video, further fueling the curiosity of fans.

The ‘What If’ Scenario

What makes NX1’s story particularly fascinating is the ‘what if’ scenario it presents. Call of Duty later explored futuristic themes, but the initial reception was lukewarm. Infinite Warfare’s trailer, for example, became one of the most disliked on YouTube. This backlash led to a return to traditional themes in later titles. NX1’s reveal suggests that an earlier foray into futuristic warfare could have set an entirely different course for the franchise.

Unused Multiplayer Maps and Modes

The leaks also included a glimpse into the unused multiplayer maps and modes, showcasing Neversoft’s creativity. The map list, featuring names like Bin Laden’s Compound and Apartment, alongside a mode named Escort, indicated a blend of real-world and fiction.

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