Discover the Concealed Costs of Apple Vision Pro, Including Repair Expenses

Discover the Concealed Costs of Apple Vision Pro, Including Repair Expenses

When it comes to splurging on the latest tech, such as the Apple Vision Pro headset, the initial price tag is not the only thing to consider. Owners are quickly realizing that taking care of their high-tech gear can come with a hefty cost. For instance, if you accidentally drop your headset and the glass cracks, you could be facing a repair bill of $799. However, if you have invested in AppleCare+, that cost drops significantly to $299.

AppleCare+ to the Rescue

It’s no surprise that AppleCare+ seems like a necessity for a device like the Apple Vision Pro headset, and Apple is well aware of this. If the damage goes beyond just the glass, Apple’s repair estimate skyrockets to a whopping $2,399. Fortunately, AppleCare+ subscribers are in luck, as they only have to pay the same $299. It’s clear that AppleCare+ is a wise choice for the accident-prone or even the cautious, as it also covers battery replacements when the battery dips below 80% of its original charge.

The Cost of Protection

To secure this extra protection for your Vision Pro headset, you’ll need to shell out $499 for AppleCare+. This package is comparable to what you would get for a high-end Mac, and it offers unlimited repairs for accidental damage, along with round-the-clock access to Apple experts.

The Price of the Vision Pro

Before you even think about needing any repairs, you should consider the initial cost of the Vision Pro headset itself. With all the bells and whistles, the price can reach nearly $4,800. That’s a significant amount of money for a headset, even one as advanced as this. The starting price is $3,499, and if you opt for upgrades like 1TB of storage, prescription lenses, and a battery clip, the total cost will increase.


If you are contemplating joining the Vision Pro club, it is essential to consider the full financial picture. Accidents can happen, and the costs can stack up almost as quickly as the features on this high-tech headgear. Therefore, investing in AppleCare+ might be a smart move to protect your investment and avoid potential repair bills that could break the bank.

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