Discover Hisense's New 4K Laser Projectors with MediaTek Processors

Discover Hisense’s New 4K Laser Projectors with MediaTek Processors

Hisense Vidda introduces two new additions to the C2 series: the C2 Ultimate Edition and C2S, both 4K laser projectors known for their impressive brightness levels. The C2 Ultimate Edition offers a brightness of 1700 CVIA, while the C2S surpasses it with 2000 CVIA, aiming to compete with other brands boasting higher brightness ratings.

Impressive Visuals and Technologies

The projectors are driven by Qualas 22 lasers, showcasing a 20% enhancement compared to the earlier Qualas 12. They also hold certifications for IMAX Enhanced and Filmmaker Mode, enhancing the overall visual experience.

Rich Colors and Advanced Features

With a 110% BT.2020 color gamut coverage and a 1700:1 contrast ratio, the C2 and C2S projectors offer vivid colors. The AI-PQ image quality platform, based on Hisense’s Xinghai large model, incorporates various features like AI quality screen, AI dot matrix color grading, precise light control at the pixel level, and more, elevating the viewing experience significantly.

Enhanced Functionality and Connectivity

An upgrade from the C1 series, the C2 series includes an integrated gimbal for seamless 360° automatic correction. Powered by the MediaTek MT9679 processor, both projectors ensure smooth operation. They feature HDMI 2.1 and USB 3.0 interfaces, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 support, and a gallium nitride adapter for comprehensive connectivity.

The Vidda C2/C2S laser projectors are equipped with the JUUI 7.2 operating system, far-field voice control capabilities, and the unique ability to play music without requiring the screen to be on.

Discover Hisense's New 4K Laser Projectors with MediaTek Processors
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