Darmoshark Unveils M5 Tri-Mode 8K Gaming Mouse - PAW3395 Sensor

Darmoshark Unveils M5 Tri-Mode 8K Gaming Mouse – PAW3395 Sensor

Darmoshark has introduced its new gaming mouse, the M5, to the Chinese market. Priced at 399 yuan (around $55), it is now accessible on JD.com. Let’s delve into its key features.

Darmoshark M5 Mouse Specifications

The Darmoshark M5 is fitted with the PAW3395 sensor, renowned in gaming circles for its superior tracking capabilities. It boasts a maximum DPI of 26000 and a tracking speed of 650 IPS, ensuring precise and responsive control during high-speed gaming sessions.

Its wireless connection supports an 8KHz polling rate, resulting in an incredibly fast response time of merely 0.125ms. This dramatically reduces input lag, providing near-instant responsiveness crucial for competitive gaming.

Design and Comfort

Tailored for fingertip grip users, the M5 features a lightweight body weighing just 38 grams, complemented by a skin-friendly coating for comfort. Its ergonomic shape and minimal weight aim to enhance control and reduce fatigue during extended gameplay.

The mouse offers three connectivity options: wireless 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 5.0, and wired. The wireless mode features the impressive 8KHz polling rate, while Bluetooth serves as a low-power alternative.

Battery and Durability

Equipped with a 300mAh lithium battery, the M5 can last up to 84 hours in 1KHz mode with the lights off. Even with the lights on, it offers a respectable 55 hours of battery life. For wired use, it comes with a lightweight, flexible umbrella cord to reduce drag.

The Darmoshark M5 also includes a customizable driver for adjusting DPI settings, polling rates, and programming macros to enhance in-game functionality.

Built for durability, the M5 uses PTFE glide feet for smooth and silent operation. It is available in two color options: Silent (Black) and Moonlight (White).

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