Acemagic M2A StarShip Mini PC with Dedicated Display

Acemagic M2A StarShip Mini PC with Dedicated Display

Chinese PC brand Acemagic has introduced the M2A StarShip, a distinctive mini PC fashioned to resemble a spaceship. This mini PC, dubbed the "world’s first AAA sci-fi game mini PC," showcases an attention-grabbing X-shaped design that is bound to spark conversations within any gaming environment.

Innovative Design and Cooling System

The M2A StarShip, though specific details are currently undisclosed, seems well-prepared to cater to your gaming requirements. Preliminary reports suggest a robust cooling mechanism featuring four fans and seven copper pipes to ensure optimal temperatures are maintained during intense gaming sessions. An intriguing attribute is the integrated display screen that offers real-time updates on CPU and GPU performance, enabling users to effortlessly monitor system operations. Initial insights hint at the GPU consuming 45W of power.

Pricing and Availability

Although pricing and launch dates remain undisclosed at this time, Acemagic's website teases a tempting "super early bird" discount for pre-orders, with specifics yet to be revealed.

Alternative Option: AM18 Mini Host

For those inclined towards a more conventional design, Acemagic has recently introduced the AM18 mini host for international markets. This alternative features a see-through top cover and is available in two configurations:

  • R7-7840HS processor / 32GB DDR4 RAM / 512GB storage – $599 (approximately ¥4325)
  • R7-7840HS processor / 32GB DDR4 RAM / 1TB storage – $659 (approximately ¥4758)
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