Xiaomi MIJIA Durable Large-capacity Suitcase with Ultra-strong Zipper

Xiaomi MIJIA Durable Large-capacity Suitcase with Ultra-strong Zipper

Xiaomi has introduced the MIJIA Large-capacity Suitcase in China, a travel suitcase with a robust build and an explosion-proof zipper.


The MIJIA travel suitcase is designed for long trips and its ample capacity can hold a significant amount of family luggage. It is offered in three colors: charcoal black, aqua blue, and avocado green. The suitcase's reinforced body design ensures durability and resistance to break-ins. For added security, it features an explosion-proof zipper. The suitcase is available in three sizes: 24 inches, 26 inches, and 28 inches.

With a 3:7 body ratio and compartmental design, the suitcase offers convenient storage and easy access. The 26-inch and 28-inch models include built-in, removable partitions, allowing users to customize the internal space. The suitcase is constructed from antibacterial fabric, boasting a bacterial removal rate of up to 99%, which helps inhibit bacterial growth. The double-layer pull-tooth design of the explosion-proof zipper further enhances security.

The shell of the MIJIA suitcase is made from impact-resistant Covestro PC raw material. It features 360-degree universal wheels and handles on the front, top, and side. Additionally, it includes anti-collision corner guards and TSA custom locks for comprehensive security.

Pricing & Availability

The 24-inch model of the Xiaomi MIJIA travel suitcase is priced at 449 yuan ($62) at launch. The 26-inch and 28-inch models are available for 499 yuan ($69) and 549 yuan ($76) respectively. The original prices for these variants are 529 yuan ($73), 579 yuan ($80), and 629 yuan ($87). The MIJIA travel suitcase can be purchased from various retail platforms in China, including JD.com.

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