Xiaomi CW500 Dual-Lens Outdoor Camera: Wider View & Enhanced Security for Sale in China

Xiaomi CW500 Dual-Lens Outdoor Camera: Wider View & Enhanced Security for Sale in China

Xiaomi recently unveiled its latest outdoor security camera model, the CW500 Dual-Lens version, which is now available for purchase in China at a price of 349 Yuan (approximately $48) through online platforms like JD.com. As part of its launch promotion on April 2nd, buyers will receive a complimentary 64GB memory card. This new camera variant is an enhanced version of the CW500 outdoor PTZ camera that was introduced earlier this year.

Xiaomi CW500 Dual-Lens Outdoor Camera Features:

The standout feature of the CW500 model is its innovative dual-lens design. One lens provides a fixed perspective, perfect for monitoring specific areas like entryways, while the other lens offers pan-tilt functionality for broader coverage. This dual-lens setup effectively eliminates blind spots, offering a comprehensive security view.

Both lenses are equipped with 4-megapixel sensors and feature an f/1.6 aperture, enabling them to capture high-quality 2.5K ultra-clear images. Each lens is complemented by two white lights and two infrared night vision lights. During nighttime surveillance, the camera automatically switches to color night vision mode upon detecting human figures, ensuring clear identification.

The CW500 camera incorporates intelligent functionalities such as AI-based human and vehicle detection. Upon detecting movement within its monitoring range, the Mi Home app promptly sends push notifications and records video footage. Furthermore, the camera is equipped with a built-in Mi Home security chip that ensures data encryption and privacy protection.

Durability and Connectivity:

Designed to withstand various weather conditions, the CW500 boasts an IP66 dustproof and waterproof rating, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation in the face of wind, dust, snow, or rain.

Equipped with a high-sensitivity microphone and a high-power speaker, the camera facilitates two-way communication. Users can remotely view live footage or engage in real-time communication through the Mi Home app on their smartphones, Xiaomi tablets, Xiaoai touchscreen speakers, and even Xiaomi TVs. Additionally, the camera supports Xiaomi’s HyperOS Connect feature.

The CW500 offers flexible storage options, including a complimentary 64GB memory card (with support for microSD cards ranging from 16GB to 256GB) and cloud storage (available as a paid service). Utilizing H.265 encoding technology for efficient storage usage and seamless video playback, the camera supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as Wi-Fi 6 for a robust and reliable signal. In cases where Wi-Fi signals are weak, the camera also supports wired connections.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Xiaomi CW500 Dual-Lens outdoor camera, visit the official Xiaomi website for detailed specifications and purchase options.

Xiaomi CW500 Dual-Lens Outdoor Camera: Wider View & Enhanced Security for Sale in China
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