Thunderobot Silver Wings 480Hz OLED Gaming Monitor

Thunderobot Silver Wings 480Hz OLED Gaming Monitor

Thunderobot has introduced a new gaming monitor, the Silver Wings, which boasts dual-display modes. This distinctive monitor is capable of delivering 4K resolution at 240Hz and also 480Hz at a 1080-pixel resolution. The Thunderobot Silver Wings is positioned as a high-end gaming monitor, comparable to similar offerings from ASUS and LG.


Thunderobot is well-regarded for its projector products, such as the Thor Bagel Civi launched last year. The Thor Bagel Civi operates on Android 9.0 and is considered a budget-friendly option compared to the Silver Wings.

Marketed as a QD-OLED monitor, the Silver Wings panel is manufactured by Samsung Display. However, Samsung has not yet introduced a QD-OLED panel with the 240Hz/480Hz switching feature. It is believed that the monitor uses the same WOLED panel found in the ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG32UCDP and the LG UltraGear OLED 32GS95UE. This WOLED panel from LG Display supports dual-display modes, and the monitor spans 31.5 inches with a 98.5% coverage of the DCI-P3 color spectrum.

The Thunderobot Silver Wings offers high peak brightness, quick response times, and a comprehensive array of modern ports. It includes a 90W USB-C connection among various other features. For comfortable viewing, the monitor comes with an ergonomic stand that allows for versatile positioning.


The Thunderobot Silver Wings WOLED gaming monitor is initially priced at 9,999 yuan (approximately $1,380). It is currently available on retail platforms in China, but there is no information yet on its availability in other markets.

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