Major camera bug in WhatsApp fixed by latest beta update

Major camera bug in WhatsApp fixed by latest beta update

WhatsApp Fixes Camera Bug and Introduces File-Sharing Feature

WhatsApp has released an update to its Android beta version ( that addresses a critical camera bug. This bug, which was identified in the previous update, prevented users from starting the camera within the app. The issue was particularly troublesome when trying to capture and share photos or videos directly through WhatsApp chats or the updates tab.

Bug Resolved

Many beta testers reported encountering an error message advising them to restart their device whenever they attempted to use the camera feature. Unfortunately, neither restarting the phone nor force-closing the app resolved the issue. This persistent problem hindered the user experience, as capturing and sharing visual content is a key aspect of the WhatsApp experience.

Recognizing the severity of this issue, WhatsApp promptly worked on a solution. The new update is now available on the Google Play Store and not only introduces a bug fix but also brings an exciting new file-sharing feature that allows users to share files with people nearby. This addition enhances the app’s functionality, making file sharing more convenient and efficient.

Update Necessary

To avoid any disruptions in using the camera feature, it is important for users, especially those who have the auto-update feature enabled, to download and install this latest beta version. The update ensures a smoother, bug-free experience, allowing users to utilize the camera and share media as intended.

New Features in the Works

In addition to fixing the camera bug, WhatsApp is actively working on introducing new features. Recently, they have upgraded its Channels feature with four new additions. These include voice messages, polls, multiple admins, and the ability for followers to share updates on their WhatsApp Status. Alongside these upgrades, WhatsApp is also testing polls within channels.

WhatsApp continues to improve its user experience by addressing bugs and introducing new features. Users can expect a more seamless and enjoyable messaging experience with these updates.

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