Lexar Launches 3 New 4K 60 FPS Memory Cards, Starting at $30

Lexar Launches 3 New 4K 60 FPS Memory Cards, Starting at $30

Lexar has introduced three new memory card ranges tailored for videographers and content creators: the SILVER, SILVER PLUS, and SILVER PLUS microSDXC. Each series is engineered to capture high-res videos at 4K and 60 fps, ensuring fluid recordings.

The SILVER Series

The Lexar SILVER series guarantees a minimum sustained write speed of 30MB/s, adhering to the V30 standard. This ensures dependable performance for video recording. The microSD card variant in this series offers IPX7 water resistance, making it reliable in various environments. The Lexar SILVER UHS-I SDXC cards provide read speeds up to 205MB/s and write speeds up to 140MB/s. Available capacities include 128GB and 256GB, with prices set at $29.99 (approx. RMB 218) and $59.99 (approx. RMB 436) respectively.

Enhanced Performance with SILVER PLUS

The SILVER PLUS series from Lexar enhances the write speed to 150MB/s, offering a significant upgrade over the standard SILVER series. Available in both SDXC and microSDXC formats, this series caters to a broader array of camera types. The SDXC cards range in capacity from 64GB to 256GB, with prices ranging from $14.99 (approx. 109 Yuan) to $59.99 (approx. 436 Yuan). The microSDXC cards also come in various capacities, including single 128GB options and bundles that offer multiple cards. Prices for these start at $24.99 (approx. 182 Yuan) and can go up to $89.99 (approx. 654 Yuan) based on the chosen bundle. Performance specs for the microSDXC versions are identical to their SDXC counterparts.

Dual-Head Card Reader

To complement these new memory cards, Lexar has introduced a USB-A/C dual-head card reader. This device offers a convenient solution for transferring your recorded footage to your computer and is priced at $17.99 (approx. 131 Yuan).

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