Huawei's Patent Licensing Deals with Amazon and Vivo

Huawei’s Patent Licensing Deals with Amazon and Vivo

Huawei Technologies, a prominent Chinese telecommunications company, has recently finalized a fresh patent licensing pact with Amazon, the U.S.-based tech giant. This extensive agreement encompasses ongoing legal disputes related to Huawei's patented wifi and video playback technologies. While the precise details of this accord remain undisclosed by both entities, Alan Fan, the head of Huawei's intellectual property rights division, emphasized the collaborative nature of global corporations in standards and patent licensing, irrespective of prevailing geopolitical tensions.

Agreements and Challenges

Despite facing market restrictions in the United States due to concerns over data security, Huawei is unable to source critical components from U.S. suppliers. These limitations have severely impacted Huawei's smartphone division. Nevertheless, the company is determined to restore its pre-ban standing. The introduction of the Mate 60 series, featuring 5G support, signifies a promising shift for Huawei after years of setbacks. Subsequently, Huawei unveiled the Nova 12 series of smartphones with 5G capabilities and launched a laptop integrated with an in-house chipset.

Collaborative Efforts and Patent Portfolio

In addition to the partnership with Amazon, Huawei has also struck a cross-licensing patent deal with Vivo, a domestic smartphone manufacturer. This particular agreement centers on essential cellular standard patents, particularly those relevant to 5G technology. By December 31, 2023, Vivo's patent applications span more than 70 countries and regions, showcasing a robust portfolio of 25,000 families. Noteworthy is the fact that over 6,000 families are dedicated to essential 5G patents, with a substantial number declared to ETSI and numerous standard document submissions to 3GPP.

Broadening Collaborations

Huawei has established similar licensing arrangements with other Chinese smartphone companies like Xiaomi and Oppo, emphasizing a trend towards collaborative efforts in the realm of patents and technology advancements.

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