Huawei and BAIC Collaborate on New Sedan Post Luxeed S7

Huawei and BAIC Collaborate on New Sedan Post Luxeed S7

The partnership between tech behemoth Huawei and auto manufacturer BAIC has led to the creation of a fresh luxury electric sedan tentatively named “Jie Pai”. The joint brand of Huawei-BAIC collaboration is known as “Xiang Jie (STELATO)”. Leaked images by informant “Garage 42” provide a sneak peek into the aesthetics and attributes of the upcoming automobile, aimed at a price exceeding 400,000 yuan.

Huawei’s Luxeed S7 Influence

The collaborative effort between Huawei and BAIC results in a novel electric sedan that falls into the category of a “medium-to-large luxury pure electric sedan”. Drawing inspiration from the Luxeed S7 (Zhijie S7), the new car showcases similar design cues such as a sweeping arc roof and elegant lines, albeit with a more imposing presence and poised stance.

Features of the Xiang Jie

Expected to provide two rows of independently adjustable seats and electronic exterior mirrors, the Xiang Jie is designed to offer a premium driving experience. Spy shots reveal a mix of traditional rearview mirrors and electronic exterior rearview mirrors, blending conventional and contemporary design aspects seamlessly.

Unveiling at Beijing Auto Show 2024

Earlier images leaked by “Torpedo 2954” displayed a cockpit layout reminiscent of the Zhijie S7, complete with a sunshade over the LCD instrument area. This design continuity hints at a smooth transition for consumers familiar with BAIC’s current lineup.

The anticipation for the new vehicle is mounting, with investors keenly awaiting insights into BAIC Blue Valley’s upcoming product strategies. BAIC has affirmed that the inaugural model stemming from its partnership with Huawei’s smart selection model will make its debut at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2024. Positioned as a top-tier smart pure electric sedan, the introduction of this fresh vehicle signifies a significant milestone for both firms.

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