AYANEO Unveils Retro Power Bank: All the Details Revealed

AYANEO Unveils Retro Power Bank: All the Details Revealed

AYANEO has unveiled more details about its Retro Power Bank after a six-month wait. This accessory draws inspiration from the iconic SNES controller design, providing a distinctive look for gamers on the move.

The power bank has a 12,000mAh capacity, similar to the batteries in some of AYANEO’s handheld gaming consoles. It may not compete with the fastest chargers available, but it supports USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) with a peak output of 45W.

Retro Aesthetic

The Retro Power Bank fully embraces its nostalgic theme. It includes two USB Type-C ports arranged to mimic the controller ports on an SNES. Additionally, it features buttons designed to look like the power and reset buttons from the classic console. However, AYANEO has not yet detailed the specific functions of these buttons on the power bank.

OLED Display

Another notable feature is its monochrome OLED display. Although AYANEO has not disclosed the display's specifications, they claim it can show real-time charging and discharging information for two connected devices simultaneously. This allows users to easily check the charging status of both the power bank and their device.

While an official release date is still unknown, AYANEO mentions that the Retro Power Bank “is set to launch soon.”

In summary, the AYANEO Retro Power Bank combines functionality with retro design. With its substantial capacity, USB-C PD support, and informative display, it could be an appealing choice for gamers on the go, especially those who appreciate classic consoles.

AYANEO Unveils Retro Power Bank: All the Details Revealed
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