Sale Begins for Skarper E-Bike Conversion Kit, Featuring Rear Disc Brake Integration

Sale Begins for Skarper E-Bike Conversion Kit, Featuring Rear Disc Brake Integration

Skarper has recently launched its highly anticipated e-bike conversion kit, which utilizes the bike’s rear disc brake. This innovative conversion kit was first introduced in 2022 and is now available for purchase.

Unique Design

The Skarper e-bike conversion kit stands out from the numerous bicycle conversion kits on the market. Unlike traditional kits, Skarper’s kit taps into the bicycle’s disc brake system to power the converted e-bike. It includes a sleek 4kg clip-on mount that seamlessly integrates the motor, battery, and electronics into the bicycle. This compact unit is attached to the bike’s chainstay and uses the disc brake to drive the rear wheel. As a result, the kit does not require complex modifications to the bike itself, maintaining the bike’s integrity and ensuring a hassle-free conversion to an e-bike.

Innovative Brake Engagement

One of the unique features of the Skarper e-bike kit is its method of engaging the disc brake without interfering with the braking surface. Instead of making contact with the standard section of the disc, the kit engages a section closer to the hub. This requires the replacement of the bike’s disc rotor with the Skarper rotor. However, Skarper assures users that this alteration does not significantly affect the bike’s performance when the kit is detached, allowing riders to easily switch back to pedal power.

Impressive Performance

The Skarper e-bike kit complies with European regulations, offering a power output of 250W and a maximum assisted speed of 25km/h. Unlike some e-bike conversion kits, the Skarper kit is activated by pedaling rather than using a throttle. With a single charge, the kit can achieve a range of 50km, and the battery can be fully recharged in just 2.5 hours.

Pricing and Availability

The Skarper e-bike kit is priced at £1,295 ($1,650). Despite its high price tag, the initial batch of kits has already sold out. Skarper is currently accepting pre-orders for the next batch, which is expected to be delivered shortly.

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