Early bird discounts sold out for NIU KQi 300P all-terrain e-scooter in the EU & US

Early bird discounts sold out for NIU KQi 300P all-terrain e-scooter in the EU & US

Chinese e-scooter manufacturer NIU has announced the availability of its all-terrain electric scooter, the KQi 300P. The rugged e-scooter is now available for pre-orders in the US and the EU, with NIU offering various discounts and early bird promotions.

Specifications and Features

The NIU KQi 300P comes with a dual suspension system and is equipped with a 450W motor. It offers a range of 30 miles and is available in black and white color options. The e-scooter features a dual-tube hydraulic suspension and a motor with a peak power output of 900W. It has a top speed of 32km/h (20mph) and is powered by a 482Wh battery, which provides a range of approximately 48km on a single charge.

The KQi 300P is equipped with an LED dashboard, 10.5-inch tires, LED lights, and turn signals. Currently, it can only be purchased directly from NIU, but it is expected to be available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon in the future.

Pricing and Availability

In the US, the NIU KQi 300P is priced at $594.30, with a 30% discount for early bird purchases. However, this discount is only available for the first 200 customers who placed their orders on or before February 1. In the EU, customers can enjoy a 20% discount, and the e-scooter is priced at €559.20 until March 20. The early bird offer in the EU has already reached the 200-customer limit.

US customers can expect their KQi 300P to be shipped in March, while EU customers will receive their orders as early as April 2024.

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