Baidu Reveals Groundbreaking AI Tools and Models

Baidu Reveals Groundbreaking AI Tools and Models

Chinese technology giant Baidu recently showcased an array of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) models and development tools at their inaugural Create 2024 Baidu AI Developer Conference held in Shenzhen. This event marked an important step toward making AI development accessible, encouraging individuals with various levels of technical proficiency to join this evolving AI landscape.

Baidu Emphasizes AI And Natural Language Development

At the conference, Robin Li emphasized the increasing relevance of natural language programming as an AI development tool. Li stressed the power of speaking as a programming language which could transform anyone into a developer while encouraging creativity and innovation within AI field.

ERNIE Models And AI Solutions

Baidu's ERNIE models, which have seen immense traction since their launch, was one of the highlights of this event. Notably, their conversational AI bot, with over 200 million registered users (ERNIE Bot), became an innovative breakthrough for China's AI sector. Furthermore, with over 200 million daily queries handled via their API and 85,000 enterprise clients using Qianfan solutions provided by Baidu AI solutions as evidence of widespread use and impact exhibited at Qianfan and API services respectively.

Empowering Developers With AI Toolkits

Baidu recently unveiled three AI development toolkits - AgentBuilder, AppBuilder and ModelBuilder. Each is intended to ease development processes; individuals from diverse technical backgrounds can now quickly develop AI applications or agents without extensive coding requirements.

Apollo VTA for Autonomous Driving

Baidu unveiled Apollo VTA (Vision Takes All), its vision foundation model for autonomous driving. Trained on real data gleaned from over 100 million kilometers of test drives, Apollo VTA excels at visual perception to further increase safety and adaptability when deployed autonomous driving scenarios.

Innovation Challenge and Future AI Development Trends at ERNIE Cup

Baidu unveiled the second ERNIE Cup Innovation Challenge, with incentives of up to RMB 50 Million available to groundbreaking AI products or applications that show innovation. This competition aims to encourage creativity in this domain while pushing progress forward. Throughout this conference, Baidu CEO highlighted three AI development trends expected to have an influence over future adoption; MoE (Mixture of Experts), small models tailored specifically for certain scenarios and agents powered by foundation models as examples of future trends that should affect adoption: MoE(Mixture of Experts), small models tailored specifically for specific scenarios and agents powered by foundation models.

Conclusions on AI Development

Create 2024 offered a diverse program of events to attendees, including industry forums, AI development classes and interactive experiences, that demonstrated Baidu's dedication to democratizing AI development while sparking creativity across various sectors. Through cutting-edge innovations like these Baidu hopes to accelerate AI adoption while opening doors towards more dynamic technological future.

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