Skyworth A4E 4K TVs with High Refresh Rates Now Available in China

Skyworth A4E 4K TVs with High Refresh Rates Now Available in China

Skyworth, a prominent figure in the consumer electronics industry, has introduced its A4E series of 4K televisions in China earlier this year, presenting competitive features akin to MiniLED technology but at a more affordable price point.

A4E Series Availability and Pricing

The A4E series is now available for purchase in China on, offering sizes ranging from 55 inches to an impressive 85 inches, catering to diverse living spaces and budgets.

The lineup commences with the 55-inch model priced at 2099 yuan (approximately $290), followed by the 65-inch variant at 2799 yuan ($387), the 75-inch version at 3599 yuan ($498), and a substantial 85-inch model for 5599 yuan (around $774).

Skyworth A4E 4K TVs with High Refresh Rates Now Available in China

Specifications of the Skyworth A4E Series

Despite utilizing an LCD panel, the A4E series impresses with a high 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring smoother visuals for fast-paced content such as sports and action-packed movies. With 400 nits brightness, the TVs offer a clear picture, while the 130% sRGB color gamut ensures vibrant and accurate colors. Moreover, a Delta E below 0.99 guarantees precise color accuracy akin to professional monitors, resulting in lifelike images.

To combat eye strain during prolonged viewing, the A4E series integrates quadruple hardware eye protection features. MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) technology enhances the viewing experience by reducing motion blur. Additionally, the TVs support dual-language voice input/output for convenient control.

Powered by a dual-core A55 and A75 processor combination, along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, the A4E series delivers smooth performance and ample space for applications and downloaded content. Operating on the Cool Open System 9.2, these TVs offer a user-friendly smart TV experience.

Audio and Connectivity Features

The audio capabilities of the A4E series are equally noteworthy, featuring HiFi-grade dual-band speakers and an independent subwoofer, collectively providing 50W of powerful sound output.

Equipped with HDMI 2.1, USB 3.0, and dual-band WiFi connectivity options, these TVs seamlessly handle modern streaming services, gaming consoles, and internet browsing requirements.

The Youku ZREAL Frame Enjoyment Zone grants access to a diverse content library in high frame rates and 4K resolution, ideal for avid movie enthusiasts. The premium 85-inch model takes it a step further with an exclusive audiovisual matching system that automatically adjusts picture and sound quality according to the specific room environment.

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